Planning & executing unique covert personal security missions.

Building a success-focused security conception combined with innovative and efficient technologies

Discovering technological solutions and applications as alternatives to existing traditional security systems.

Consulting, Planning, Establishing and Securing Cannabis Farms and Facilities in Israel.


About Zorcom Group

Zorcom group was founded by security expert Zohar Cohen, who served in Israel's General Security Service ("Shin Bet"). In 33 years of Service, Mr. Cohen has held a wide range of positions in command and management of operational security units, accumulating unique and up-to-date knowledge and experience in all areas of security and operational activities. Mr. Cohen is highly trained in all types of security formations and has accrued ten years of experience all around the world as part of his missions. Mr. Cohen is an expert in the field of operational control of security facilities, personal security, and overt and covert operational security.

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What We Do

Our Services

Service 1

Large sites, Events, and Facilities Security Solutions

Zorcom specializes in planning, consulting, installing and operating security solutions for sensitive facilities, stadiums, factories, harbors, and large sites requiring physical, technological and other security efforts.

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Service 2

Personal & Public Security

Our company provides adequate security solutions for overt and covert VIP convoys or any other convoy requiring high-security response. Zorcom provides consultation and installment of security solutions for passenger transport facilities, exhibitions, sporting events, competitions, and large-scale entertainment events.

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Service 3

Technology-Based Security

Zorcom group is a technology-oriented security firm, which brings the added value that is its technological expertise. Using solutions and products that are the future of global security, such as autonomous drones, self-directed scanners, and command & control interfaces synchronizing various high-tech systems, we can provide comprehensive security solutions for every need.

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Integration & Consolidation

Zorcom has embraced a break-through attitude in the security industry, working to promote integrations between security firms and high-tech companies through fruitful cooperation so each partner can provide their added value for a greater result, and thus despite the great competition in the market, the industry's customers can receive better products and services.

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Why Us

The Experience

Zorcom was established following long conversations between internationally-acclaimed security expert Mr. Ben Alphie, and Israeli GSS security expert Mr. Zohar Cohen. The key insight was that technology is becoming more and more prominent in the field of HLS, and the advanced capabilities introduced by new technologies are becoming a powerful multiplier and a serious alternative to many resource-intensive solutions that are currently leading the industry. The recognition of the rapid changes that are taking over had driven the two to combine the forces and capabilities accumulated in 33 years of experience in the security industry. The primary goal is to bring this combination of security expertise and technological superiority to the HLS industry, as a response to terrorist, criminal or other threats. At these modern times, as technologies continue to develop, so does the threats, because adversaries integrate and uses new technological developments in their favor. This is where Zorcom steps in to provide our added value by integrating advanced technological systems to the traditional security industry, from examining existing security systems, planning and establishing new security protocols, and finding creative solutions to the various threats and needs in the industrial, business, governmental and cultural sectors. We believe that the right means and creative, original thinking can provide solutions to the majority of security issues authorities and companies are facing today, and that's because "none are wiser than those with experience", and that we have in abundance.

The Technology

The ability to match the right technological solution with the proper security formation in any plan is the most significant component of an integrated security project. This is the main added value provided by Zorcom in its approach to security planning. Any autonomous technologies deployed for security systems are obtained only after careful examination and thorough testing by B.W.R, which is a unique company dedicated to testing and mission-proofing autonomous security tools. In addition, Zorcom employs content experts dedicated to non-autonomous security tools such as alarms, signals, and first-class security instruments, using those that have proven to be the most efficient. The range of security instruments already in use by our clients that underwent rigorous testing includes first-class drones with pilots in Israeli and American standards, sensors, and top-of-the-line physical security and hedging devices.

The Service

Zorcom works under a strict code based on fairness, loyalty, discretion, and dedicated uncompromising service to its clients, as the client's and the project's success are above any other consideration. We recognize that any and all the world's best experience, knowledge or technologies will not work if we do not act with genuine commitment to our clientele, with a binding approach, and providing quality service and personal attention to every detail as if we owned the business or project. We believe that customer success is our foremost priority and will do our best to fulfill this goal with any means at our disposal. Zorcom remains committed to see any business, and any project continually succeed even after its completion to maintain permanence and effectiveness of the product and ensure that it aligns with the client's objectives.

The Strive for Excellence

The value of excellency had led Mr. Cohen during 33 years of services in the Israeli GSS. This value is embedded as an essential principle in the company. This value drives us to do our best, whether in planning, in action, or generally as a way of life. This leads to our non-compromise attitude. As a central goal and condition to the justification of the continued existence and success of our organization, it will always drive us to strive to create solutions that will have the concept of uncompromising excellence embedded to their very core.

Why us

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